Easier For Merchant

Merchant does not have to contact the bank one by one and perform Cooperation Agreement.


Many Banks

Payments can be done using ATMBersama members account (more than 80 banks & 2 non bank institution), more than 59.000 ATM terminal & 133.260.613 debit card.


Easy for Customers

Customers can make payments through transfer across all delivery channels ATMBersama Bank members such as ATM, EDC, mobile banking, internet banking, etc.


Realtime Notifications

Notification of transactions running in real time online to the merchant


Variation Options

There are two types of payment types for Merchant.


Ease to Integrate

Merchant can easily integrate and without charge.


Suitable with Merchant needs

Merchant can set expired time for payment that suitable with the needs of the merchant.


Payment Type

  • One Time

    • Walk in customer
    • Dynamic payment code
    • Time constrant payment code
  • Periodic Recurring

    • Static customer database
    • Fix payment code

Transfer for Payment Transaction Flow

Payment Method

Report & Settlement

  1. Provides a report of transactions through the customer portal
  2. Report can be viewed and downloaded on a daily, monthly, or a specific period
  3. Useful for monitoring the growth of transactions
  1. Easy and quick settlement funds process to Merchant
  2. Merchant settlement account is not fixated on a certain bank


  1. Set Up Cost

    There is no set up fee for Merchant to join into this payment solution services from ARTAJASA

  2. Monthly Fee

    No monthly fees for Merchant to join into this payment solution services from ARTAJASA

  3. Transaction Cost

    Every transaction that occurs at merchants using the payment methods provided by ARTAJASA, the merchant will be charged according to the merchant categories.

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